Things That You Must Consider Before Buying Armchairs Recliner (Massage Chairs)

Massage Chair, When suffering from back pain, neck pain, buttock pain, headaches, and even leg pain and stress, massage chairs has fast become a great substitute for traditional therapy that most folks will consider.

Experiencing all or some of these symptoms are the vast majority of folks that are looking for a massage chair are. Massage chairs have been proven to do wonders for each one of these conditions. As a matter of fact, many of patients that have purchased a massage chair have needed clinic less and less for treatment of these common maladies.

Massage Chair

In reality, some folks just want a nice massage chair that looks good in their living room or office so that they can relax and just listen to their surround sound movie or music system. That's good idea!

There are some things you need to consider if you are considering investing in a massage chair What I'm about to tell you will give you exactly what you need and want to know. It's not just as simple as sitting in a chair to know if a model is good or not.

To make your buying decision easier there are a lot of  things that this report will point out that will help you. You've thought of some of them, like price and looks, but I will cover a bunch of things that have probably never occurred to you. This article is designed to make things clearer for you before shelling out your hard-earned money.

So, what do you absolutely need to know before buying a chair? Here this:

1. Durability – a well built chair should give you many, many years of wonderful problem-free pleasure. Even though you most likely can't know how good a motor is or how well built the chair really is, there are some other ways to know if a chair is a workhorse and is going to last a while:

Warranty – a longer warranty will give you greater confidence initially when looking for a chair. You want a company that stands behind their chairs and what greater way to show that than by a warranty. But, beware of long warranties that are so limited that if anything goes wrong there are so many loopholes to not cover your chair that it is as if you had not warranty at all.

Reputation – is the manufacturer of the massage chair well-known? Are they easily accessible if there ever is a problem? How can you tell? A toll-free customer service phone number to the manufacturer would be great. The length of time in business is probably a good indicator of how good the manufacturer is. Does the chair/company have any professional endorsements?


2. Features - The old massage chairs only provided vibration. Well, today's chairs should offer the following:

Foot and calf massager - many of the new chairs have an attached ottoman that has a calf and foot massage feature administered by an airbag system. This feature is a real "must", especially if you spend a good portion of your day on your feet.

Full recliner – if you want your massage to be as deep as possible, you need to get a chair that has a reclining feature. And the further back the recline, the greater the intensity of the massage. The reclining uses your body weight to make the massage deeper. A lot of chairs don't recline much farther than 135º. You will want 170 degrees or more for the more intense massage option (by the way, the further back your chair reclines, men, the more it imitates a bed...especially important if you're ever forced to sleep on the couch!!).

Kneading – also known as "shiatsu", kneading rolls outward from the spine and feels much like 2 hands alternately rubbing your back. This is why it is said that massage chairs mimic the hands of a licensed massage therapist…kneading is the reason for the comparison.

Percussion/Tapping – this is the light "karate chopping" on a client's back that you’ve probably seen before on TV. Well, that's what this feature imitates. Increased blood flow and muscle stiffness relief is the benefit gained. It feels wonderful.

Rolling - in many clinic, they have a table that patients lie on, called a "roller table." Basically, wheels just roll up and down the muscles on either side of your spine. Here are the benefits: 1.) gentle moving of the spinal bones, and 2.) stretching of the spine and the muscles around it. Patients love it...and the roller table only rolls! Your massage chair should do so much more than just roll (and for a lot less money!).

New and Used - there are a lot of used chairs out there, but just like a used car, you never quite know what you are getting. You can bet the warranty has expired, but you have no idea how the previous owner treated the chair. Maybe it was in a home that had kids jumping on it like a trampoline. Who knows... so beware before buying used chair.

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